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What is the value of an academic proofreading service?

You’ve finished your essay, dissertation, college application or academic paper. Congratulations and a big phew to you! Now, naturally, you never want to see it again. We know that feeling (no really, we do).

But taking a second look at your work is essential. Imagine if all that time and effort you spent researching for weeks, months, and often even years, the thoughts you spent hours articulating, become obscured by an errant comma, poor syntax, or a misspelling. Not to mention formatting errors. But the fact that you know your work inside out means that you’re the best person to judge whether it conveys what you want to say with adequate clarity, right? Wrong! As you’re so familiar with your work it actually stops you from becoming aware of the errors it contains. You need a fresh pair of eyes that can see it as new. After all, there’s a good reason publishing houses employ proofreaders and editors to edit their authors’ work.

That paper you’ve just spent hours writing deserves a fresh pair of eyes. Hire an academic proofreading service – you’ll be amazed at the mistakes you didn’t think existed.

Value of academic proofreading service
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How do you choose an academic proofreading service

It requires a lot of trust to entrust your essay, dissertation or academic paper to someone else. We know that all too well. You need to have the confidence that the company you’re dealing with is going to deliver the best result possible. We recommend you look for the following attributes in a potential academic proofreading and editing service:

  • Experienced academic editors with PhDs in their field (it’s obvious, but you’d be amazed how many serviced don’t offer this)
  • Editors who know what makes a good essay
  • Editors who are aware of the difference between different stylesheets (APA, Chicago, Harvard, MHRA, etc.)
  • Reasonable turnaround times (you want it quickly, but not too quickly)
  • Formatting – this means of everything: bibliography, footnotes, in-text citations

Once you have an editing service that can provide all the above, the only thing you’ve got to worry about is cost. We’re amazed by how much some providers will charge for their services. We like to keep costs reasonable and, from our customers’ feedback think we’re doing pretty well in that department.

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How does an academic proofreading service differ from an academic writing service?

When you search for academic proofreading services, you find companies who specialise not only in academic proofreading and editing, but also academic writing – writing essays, dissertations, and academic papers, for a fee. The difference between these two services is huge. Let us explain why:

Getting help with correcting grammar, syntax, formatting, sentence structure is miles apart from having someone else write your essay for you. We firmly believe that academic writing is a joy (that’s why we edit for a living!) and students should engage with all the full experience of writing for themselves. Moreover it shouldn’t come as a surprise that academic institutions take a very dim view of students who get others to do their work for them and, naturally, companies who provide these services.

Having highly competent editors edit and proofread your work gives you the piece of mind that your work has been thoroughly vetted before you hand it in. It also helps educate you on what makes a good piece of writing. An academic writing service serves no benefit to you – you don’t acquire the skills and knowledge that essay writing provides.

Think of an academic editing and proofreading service like a car polish. Think of the difference between a dirty car and a gleaning car like the difference between an A and B/C grade, a 1st and a 2:1/2:22, or a distinction and a pass.

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Think of an academic proofreading service as an investment

Often you pay for things that provide you with convenience, such as a cleaner, or maybe a meal out. At other times you pay for things that will add value to your life. This could include hiring an accountant to save you money, or getting your hair cut to improve your appearance. While the former give you things in the moment, they are not long-lasting. Your house will be untidy in the next 24 hours and you will feel hungry again soon. Furthermore, you can clean your house on your own and you can also feed yourself. Not so with the haircut or accountancy service.

Similarly, getting your essay, dissertation, or academic paper, proofread is a value that persists over time. As an example: an organisation is hiring for 15 new graduates. They have 50 resumes on their desk. 5 of these graduated at the top of their class, 10 graduated in the top half of their class, and 30 graduated in the middle of their class. The organisation picks the top fifteen graduates. Now imagine if the difference between graduating in the middle of the class and the top half of the class was down to an unclear sentence, a mis-formatted paper, bad syntax, or poor referencing. This is highly likely.

Your education is an investment and the effects are felt for life. Get your essay proofread by an academic specialist and give yourself the future you deserve.

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